Head for the Hills

Head for the Hills

Off the back of the construction of the Mt Owen trail network, West Coast Council are well progressed with stage 2 in the Heemskirk Regional Reserve on the outskirts of Zeehan.

The new trail network builds on from the Oonah Hill trail, which is without a doubt one of the funnest flow trails in Tasmania. Next Level are continuing on from their success with this trail, with an additional ~30km of trail which will include a new dedicated climbing trail from the bottom of the Oonah Hill descent, 12km of new intermediate trails and an epic 13-14km ascent and descent of the Heemskirk Range – rated black diamond. The new trails will include well over 1,000m of descending AND climbing in their entirety, making for some seriously epic outings and a strong argument for the use of an e-bike. 

For the prevalent crowd of riders who prefer to earn their turns without the assistance of shuttles, this will be a welcome addition to our plethora of awesome trails on offer around Tassie. 

These trails will off a truly unique and epic experience. They will be similar to Mt Owen in that there are some huge descents (500m+) and in an open landscape with incredible views – though this time, it’s au naturale, with the trails traversing pristine environments entirely unique to this part of Tassie.  You can start pencilling this network into your 22/23 summer riding plans. We’re putting the mountains back into mountain biking.

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