Once littered with many pubs, Zeehan is now a quieter affair that boasts some unique heritage architecture.

Like neighbouring towns across the West Coast region, Zeehan has seen her fair share of mining, with a boom in the 1900s that saw Zeehan become the third-largest town in Tasmania – and almost the capital city.

Nearby, check out Spray Tunnel, once a train tunnel used to transport silver from the Spray Silver Mine, now an abandoned 100 metre tunnel that a few hundred glow worms call ‘home’. The mine forms part of an easy one-hour loop, perfect for a morning off the bike but still managing a short leg stretch.

Not much farther afield are the villages or Trial and Granville Harbours, which are definitely worth a trip to visit their remote beaches and the Trial Harbour history room.

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The following property is bike-friendly and ready to welcome mountain bikers:

Heemskirk Motor Hotel

Ideal for accessing the Oonah Hill trail as well as the future Heemskirk network and just 30 minutes from Queenstown and the Owen trails, this unique property sits below picturesque Mt Zeehan. Spacious rooms provide double and queen beds and the property has a small number of two-bedroom self-contained apartments available. This property provides comfortable, budget accommodation whilst maintaining a high level of professional and helpful service.

Heemskirk Motor Hotel

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